About Us

We’re a group of charter school supporters who decided to start a blog reflecting the voice of all the people whose lives are touched by charter schools. We are teachers, principals, students, parents, community leaders, ordinary citizens, advocates and activists. We work in charter schools, raise kids who attend charter schools, and we care deeply about charter school quality. Some of us serve on charter school governing boards. Some of us are trying to launch new schools in under-served places. We want to see more and better public school options for families all over our state.

Why a blog? Simple. Most online discussion of charter schooling in Georgia is shaped by professional media in places like the AJC’s “Get Schooled,” or by “Peach Pundit,” and the Georgia Public Policy Foundation’s “Forum.”

That’s OK! But it’s time that we in the charter school world begin proactively talking about charters rather than reacting to what others, pro and con, are saying about us. CharterConfidential is a place for our personal stories and perspectives on chartering, or as we say on our masthead: The Inside Story From the People Who Live It!